What we do


Mechanical Engineering

1. Prefabrication and assembly of pipes (Process, fire protection, etc.)
2. Manufacture and assembly of metallic structures, silos, hoppers, among others.
3. prefabrication and assembly of ducts.
4. Construction and maintenance of storage tanks.
5. Installation of industrial rotary equipment and alignment (pumps, compressors, blowers).
6. Valve dismantling, assembly and maintenance.
7. Thermal relief to welded joints.
8. Detail design and engineering applying standards and codes according to the management of each company (metal and concrete structures, pipe distribution, storage pipes).
9. Abrasive jet cleaning and paint application according to SSPC-Sp, ST, SA standards.
10. Mud removal, hydrocarbon recovery and Tk’s background cleaning.




Civil engineering

1. industrial civil maintenance.
2. Construction of special concrete structures.
3. Construction of Box Culvert.
4. Construction and adaptation of industrial underground networks.
5. Construction of conventional concrete structures.
6. Construction of bases for industrial equipment.
7. Civil works in general.





Electrical engineering

1. Assembly and installation of electrical substations: Middle and low voltage manoeuvring equipment (switchegear, Power Center, TAPC, STAPC, Medium and Low voltage distribution boards, transformers, bar ducts, backing systems)
2. Design and construction of medium and low voltage aerial and underground networks.
3. Electrical systems for classified areas.
4. Configuration, parameterization of multifunctional relays.
5. Interior and exterior design and lighting. (Residential).
6. Design and construction of earthing systems.





Waste management

Integral waste management and the solid waste management plan.
1. Packaging.
2. Collection and Transportation.
3. Selection and staff on site.
4. Sale of recovered material Advisory.





Other services

1. Abrasive jet cleaning and paint application.
2. Design, assembly and dismantling of cup lock scaffolding.
3. Removal of sludge and integral cleaning of API tanks.

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