Our commitment is to guarantee a service that satisfices the requirements and needs of our clients. In IMERC LTDA we consider as an essential aspect the sustainable management in terms of security and health in work, environment, quality and respect for human rights.


Corporate philosophy


IIMERC LTDA Will be and organization leader in the regional market and a model of enterprise development, based in the human and technological growth, covering the market and our client’s expectations


In IMERC LTDA we work to fulfill the requirements of the client by guarantying the final quality of the service by providing our experience in the metal, mechanical and civil field, in harmony with our team, the community and the environment.



In IMERC LTDA we manage metal, mechanicals, civils and environmental projects. We are committed with:

AUTHORITIES: Compliance with applicable legislation to our organizations and voluntary acquired commitments.
COLABORATORS: Prevention and the culture of selfcare are our premises, zero incidents, injuries or occupational illnesses.
COMMUNITY: Contributing with the sustainable development of our region though the generation of work and respect for human rights.
ENVIRONMENT: The preservation of our natural resources and the prevention of pollution associated with our environmental aspects.
SUPPLIERS: Establishment of long-term relationships with our value chain, encouraging best environmental, labor and social practices.
CLIENTS: Permanent satisfaction with projects that meet high standards of quality, safety and environment.
SHAREHOLDERS: Applying of good corporate governance practices and increasing the value generation.




Business ethics policy.
Policy on recruitment and selection.
Policy on prevention for drug abuse.
Road safety policy.

Administrative team:

Lilia Carmona
Orlando Blanco
Construction Manager
Adrian Blanco
Purchasing Coordinator
Karla Barceló
Sales Coordinator
Lina Blanco
Huma Resources Coordinator
Hugo Carmona
Coordinator For Safety, Occupational Health And The Environment
Jose Pantoja
Resident Engineer
Luis Pinedo
HSE Supervisor
Sandry Burbano
Various services assistant



Just a little historical review.

25 years ago, a couple of recently graduated Engineers made the decision to create a family business that would provide engineering services in Cartagena, Colombia with raising their daughters and enjoying as much time as possible with them. However, over time, this family initiative became a role model company in the Caribbean region of Colombia , which has ventured into new international markets. This has been IMERC, and in the future it will continue to be something to talk about since its history is just beginning.




Our processes are certified by: 





As a reflection of our commitment to corporate social responsibility.